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Thirteen P's to becoming a Successful Business Owner

The Ten Ps of Power

Optimistic people promote-
•    Purpose
•    Passion
•    Progress
•    Prosperity
-for a better tomorrow.

Successful people incorporate-
•    Practice
•    Performance
•    Persistence
-into the plan of their lives.

Humble people accept-
•    Powerlessness
•    Peace
•    Patience
-in order to live in the here and now.

The optimistic, successful and humble person recognizes that these 10 principles will give them the one thing that will achieve any goal: POWER.
(stay tuned for future e-book on these ten principles)

Three P's of Business - The Triple Bottom Line

When considering if something is worth pursuing, look at the following criteria:
•    People
•    Planet
•    Profit
And decide if that which you are seeking sustains each of these items.

To accomplish this, evaluate each of the above criteria and assign a value of 1 to 4 in your project’s ability to enhance these criteria. If you can honestly say a total value of 7 or more has been assigned to people, planet and profits then proceed.

Your results may not always result in immediate success, but if your results are value based, then you are one step closer to success.

The triple bottom is the basis for sustainable business modeling. The days of only focusing on the economic bottom line is going the way of the dinosaur. Understanding how to incorporate a model that includes people and planet is challenging; and if you are just venturing into the sustainability realm, it can seem daunting.

There are many great books out there to help the process go easier. The best books on the subject are Greening Your Business: A Hands-On Guide to Creating a Successful and Sustainable Business [With CDROM] and Guerilla Marketing Goes Green.

The process includes a commitment to learning not only the principles behind sustainability, but also the purpose and passion that delivers an ongoing drive to do the right thing, staying the course and persisting through difficult times. We are in difficult times now, but we can rise above them without compromising our values.

Purpose and passion are critical in developing a vision and mission for your business life, where sustainability is an all encompassing theme in everything you do. The triple bottom line is just a small step in that direction. Sustainability is far greater than just three pieces of a much larger life puzzle.

With the words "green" and "sustainability" being thrown around liberally in marketing circles, their meaning has gotten watered down. Greenwashing has become rampant.

So what is the new vernacular? What language do we use? How can we talk about these principles without alienating a large sector of the public? There is still a lot of resistance to the ideas presented here, especially within certain political and religious circles.

So here are a few suggestions on starting the conversation without without falling into a heated debate.

Sustainability is:
Resource management and integration.
Regenerating ideas, values, and resources.
Quality of life development.
Sustaining a higher quality of life.
Conserving values, money and resources.
Responsible use of resources.
Accountability to ourselves, our children and our teachers.
Thinking through our choices and actions.
Creating prosperity.
Craftsmanship and quality control.
Optimal nourishment for the body, mind and soul.
Eliminating waste in every part of life.
Connecting and communicating with compassion.
Supporting and educating the next generation.
Restoring a solid foundation.
Positive reinforcement.
Creative use of our minds.
Volunteering and giving back.
Time management.
Healthy living.
Simple living.

And that's the point. Sustainability does not need to be complicated. It is a way of life that requires only a desire to live simply without creating harm.

The future is now. Why wait to live the way that will support us into future generations? If we pass it by, will our children do the same? Do we give up on this generation and hope the next generation gets it right? Why wait?

©2007   updated 2010  -  C. Ed Wilmot

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