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Transportation Tuesday

Posted by ed.wilmot on March 25, 2014 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)


For years Furman University has been a leader in sustainability and environmental action. And this year is no different. In fact, this may be Furman's most ambitious set of events focused on the environment that the school has created.


Earth Week started yesterday and continues through to next Monday with the closing lecture by artist Alexandre Dang at 7pm. Throughout the week you can visit the art installation at the Trone Student Center: The Dancing Solar Powered Daisies. Furman has this to say about Alexandre. "His kinetic art is designed to raise awareness of solar power and help promote sustainable development. He will present a multimedia presentation on his art and what he sees are the world's grand energy sustainability challenges with an emphasis on the sustainable development within the third world. His artwork provides a unique blend of science, technology, and art."


Expect events all week long. Today there are two great events going on.



Furman has become an integral part of sustainability here in the Upstate. With the creation of the Shi Center for Sustainability in 2008, the university launched itself onto the national sustainability scene and has had a significant impact on how the Upstate views sustainability. The center has worked closely with local businesses, non-profits and government to launch successful projects. But more importantly, the center has provided much needed education to the staff and student body at Furman University. It is this broad commitment that has propelled the school to its status as a leader in sustainability.



If you get a chance, there are several opportunities this week to share in this commitment. Today and Saturday will be the busiest days for Earth Week! Today's Transportation Day!


All Day-Electric Car Display in front of the library

2PM-Electric Motorcycle Demo in front of the library (it goes really really fast!)

3:45-Bike Parade in front of Timmons. Will go around campus. Show helmet in Paddock for a 10% discount!

7PM-CLP with John Waters in Burgiss! This should be awesome. Let's "Bring Power To The People!"



And the rest of the week:

Wednesday: Water Day

Thursday: Trash Day

Friday: Farm Day

Saturday: Vendor Fair and Water Walk

Sunday: $4 Dinner at the Vista House





Monday Musical Memories

Posted by ed.wilmot on March 24, 2014 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

The Handlebar has been a cultural bastion since September of 1994. Early this morning they posted an announcement that the Stone Avenue location will be closing its doors on April 30.  




They will be re-opening in September in another location. Which means, we will have a drier summer for amazing quality music. So you had best get out to The Handlebar over the next month to see at least one band play at their current home. And that's how many of us feel about The Handlebar. It's Greenville's musical home.


The Handlebar has sustained us culturally for almost 20 years. Some of my favorite memories were made in the hallowed halls of the first two locations. I look forward to making many more memories at their third home. And I know I am not the only one to do so.


Let me give you a peek at a couple of my favorite memories. My first great memory was seeing Eddie From Ohio for my first time at the original location in the old textile mill on Mills Avenue. The evening was a total escape into amazing music, filled with joy and an abounding energy that could only have ensued at The Handlebar. No other venue in Greenville could have matched the sense of place for such a band. It was a perfect night.


Then were two more perfect nights (back to back mind you) several years ago at the current location. The first night's band was The Flat Landers. The musicianship was out of this world, a slice of Texas in South Carolina. The next night The Yellowjackets took stage for an over the top jazz filled bombardment of smooth and funky tunes. How many other venues could pull that off?


And probably my most exciting night was winning the raffle at Chase Away the Blues several years ago. You can't imagine the excitement and joy I felt at winning. Of course the evening's fun was really about supporting Compass of Carolina. So my gesture was to give away a couple of the items I won to other people. It seemed the right thing to do. The Handlebar does good, so must I do good! And that's what sustains us socially. Over and over The Handlebar has given back to the community, whether its Compass of Carolina or the Red Cross or the Humane Society or many other local charities.


The Handlebar's commitment to supporting local organizations, businesses and customers is often overshadowed by the level of entertainment brought to the Upstate. This level of service should be emulated by every company. All we can do is sit back and watch as The Handlebar takes us on another adventure in community responsiveness, no matter where they settle down as home. 


In the meantime, here's the schedule for the next 37 days:





3/28 - SEVEN HANDLE CIRCUS with special guests STRUNG LIKE A HORSE

3/29 - True Blues & Friends present ... THE FILLMORE BROTHERS ... Marking the anniversary of Allman Brothers legendary album, "At Fillmore East"


4/10 - An Unpredictable Evening With TODD RUNDGREN


Keep an eye out for additional acts to be announced.


FAVOR Friday Flick

Posted by ed.wilmot on March 21, 2014 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Do you know how many times I have to explain to people that sustainability is more than just protecting the environment? Way too much!!


SUSTAINABILITY is about protecting all our resources for future generations, which include natural, economical, educational, cultural, social, spiritual, civic, health and wellness resources.


Later today I will be going to the Movie Night at the office of Faces and Voices of Recovery (FAVOR). They will be showing the recently released Dallas Buyers Club.

You might be asking how this applies to sustainability. Well let me explain.


FAVOR supports the preservation of social, cultural, educational, health and wellness resources. FAVOR was started several years ago with the purpose of removing the stigma associated with substance abuse. They have worked closely with many local organizations and businesses to hold events, sharing information to the public on how a positive and reinforcing approach to recovery can strengthen our community.


Let me share with you their vision and mission.




The community embraces and celebrates recovery from substance use disorders as a positive, healing force.


The mission of FAVOR Greenville is to promote long-term recovery from substance use disorders through education, advocacy and recovery support services, resulting in healthier individuals, families, and communities.


Absolutely no one is immune to substance abuse. It comes in all forms, shapes, sizes and colors. Young and old, men and women, it's indiscriminate. Everyone either has been directly or indirectly affected by substance abuse.


A sustainable approach to recovery will include many modalities and treatments. FAVOR is working hard to present ideas and approaches that fill that missing gap so often found among churches, prisons, 12 step programs, and recovery programs. All of these entities have had successes in helping people recover from substance abuse, but none of them have been 100% successful. The sustainable approach is embodied with numerable avenues of recovery and eliminating the stigma that addicts and alcoholics have lived with since time began.


If you or someone you know may have a problem with substance abuse, FAVOR may be the place to start. From there, recovery may lead to any number of healthy and spirited filled ventures for a life well lived.  


Dallas Buyers Club is a great example of social, cultural and health sustainability.

Ron Woodroof is an electrician and rodeo cowboy with a devil-may-care lifestyle who is blindsided with an H.I.V.-positive diagnosis and given 30 days to live. He quickly finds a lack of approved medications in the U.S. and crosses the border into Mexico where he learns about alternative treatments and begins smuggling them into the U.S. Ron finds an unlikely ally in fellow AIDS patient Rayon, a transsexual who shares Ron's lust for life and entrepreneurial spirit. They establish a "buyers club," where H.I.V.-positive people pay monthly dues for access to the newly acquired supplies. Deep in the heart of Texas, Ron's pioneering underground collective beats loud and strong as he fights for dignity, education, and acceptance.



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