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 This website will be devoted to connecting the citizens of Upstate South Carolina to the many sustainable opportunities available here in our area. We want to celebrate local businesses, organizations and spiritual outlets that believe in improving the quality of life of our communities through sustainable action.

This website is the result of an ever increasing demand for living more gently in our homes, workplaces, community and planet, while still building prosperity and improving economic development. 

Communities will work together to plan and act in ways that will result in the harmonious solution of social, economic, and ecological concerns.

Check out our resources and calendar pages to discover what is available here in the Greenville Area.

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The Authentic Life:

How often are you told you are doing something the wrong way? Maybe they are right; maybe they are wrong.


Is there any way to know if the path you are on is taking you to a better life?


The ancient Greek word hodos, meaning way or path, was used by early Christians to denote their position of following the vision of Jesus. So let’s start with the word hodos.


A path can be straight and narrow OR broad and long OR sinuous and backtracking. A path is a “way” to get from one point to another. It can be intentional and caustic OR irrational and exploratory. It can be anything.


Where ever we are in life, we are on a path!


Is it the path we want to be on? Is it getting us what we want in life?


When we get tired enough, we stop asking the questions and do one of two things: either run from life or accept life on its own terms. Accepting life means living life. Accepting life means taking responsibility.


There are those who say they accept life, but are on autopilot. They give up. They take their lot with cynicism and dread. They have lost purpose and direction.


We all want to belong. We want good fortune and health. We want the world to do us good. Yet always just out of reach.


Everybody has different ideas on what life is, what the meaning of life is. No one person or group has a right to say what is! Even you. Even me.


With that said:


What matters is how AUTHENTIC your life is!


When your hodos crosses any particular moment, you have a choice to be authentic or deceiving. Do you choose to be fully involved with honesty and integrity or a spectator with disregard and selfishness?


When we choose to have a better life (financial, personal, work, health, spiritual, civic) we usually make choices based on our limited vision rather than on our full potential.


So, let us explore ways to improve our quality of life, open up to that potential and truly experience an



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